Sunday, 29 June 2008

My Favourite year

Well i only came to the school in year 8, before that i was in New Zealand. I loved my school there and had lots of mates which I still keep in contact with. So I really enjoyed year 7.
My 2 best mates in New Zealand! Zoe and V!

Half way through year 8, i joined Ricky. At the start I felt really left out and misssed N.Z loads!!!! However I made some really cool friends, and by the end of the year I had fitted in really well.

This years been great! I'v really enjoyed school and love all my friends too bits! I'v made it into most of the school sports teams, and have really enjoyed playing all of them. This year I also did a marathon!!which was really good, and hope to do again next year!I also went to go see Mika and Scouting for girls!which were amazing. And I'm going to a summer festival, with one of my favourite people(Nikki from the picture!)!which should be really good aswell.I'm really looking forward to going to Spain on Friday!:) :) :) It should be loads of fun!

So yea Year 9 has definatly been my favourite year, although I still miss New Zealand and Zoe and V loads!
Picture above: Me and my mates at Heathers party.(sorry i couldnt be bothered to label everyone in the pic!)
Picture Right: Me with my friends at the Acky

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Arrested Bloggers

**64 individuals have been arresed worldwide, serving a collective 78 years in prison.

**8 years is the longest sentence that the WIA found, given to 4 chinease reporters in 2003 for “subverting state power; forming informal discussion group.”

**22 percent of those arrested last year were charged with using a blog to organise or cover a protest; 17 percent were for violating cultural norms; another 17 for commenting on public policy; and 11 percent for exposing corruption or human-rights violations.

**Antonis Tsipropoulos was arrested at home on Tuesday by the Greek police following a complaint from a controversial Greek televangelist that Mr Tsipropoulos's blog aggregation site,, linked to slanderous material.

**The content in question is hosted at the FunEL blog, and mocks the colourful Dimosthenis Liakopoulos for producing trash TV and being anti-Semitic.

Emma and Fod!

Me and a green hat!

The Google Contraversy

People are concerened that Google is invading their personal space.
Is Google betraying the rights of the consumer/user, or is it simply conforming to laws protecting copyright holders?